AMI QT Blogs on Social Issues

Pastor Ryun Chang (AMI Teaching Pastor) will present a series of blogs, dealing with various issues raised in the recent election that showed a deep divide, impacting both society at large and the church (especially many AMI churches that minister to university students and young professionals in the city).  The thoughts presented are processed through the standpoint of the Radical-Middle (both/and), personal narratives, and pastoral concerns.  I welcome your “rational” feedback.  The top two issues addressed are illegal immigration and several matters concerning Islam.  There is one blog on racism (MLK Day) and three blogs on abortion (two of which are reprints from Pastor Mark Chun’s blogs from 2015).  Four blogs deal with theological and philosophical matters relating to disputable matters and social justice.

The following is the list of blogs that are scheduled to be posted on the weekdays from Jan. 2 to Feb. 3.

AMI QT Devotional Blogs for Weekdays from January 2-February 3 

1.2       Intro 1: Whose Politics? Which Morality?

1.3       Intro 2: “Seeing Gray in a World of Black & White”, or is it “Seeing Black & White in a Gray World”?

1.4       Open Borders or Walls?

1.5       Sanctuary Cities at the Crossroad of Compassion and Justice

1.6       What Life is like for Undocumented Immigrants

1.9       Those Who Go Back for Reasons the World Will Never Understand

1.10     Finding God in the Midst of a Long Nightmare  

1.11     What Life is Like for the Families Left Behind in Mexico  

1.12     A Pastor’s Story of Redemption: from Mexico to America

1.13     “Is It Okay to Say, ‘Speak English, You are in America’”?

1.16     Neither Secularized nor Sanitized but the Real MLK

1.17     How to Help Immigrant or Any Kids to Succeed

1.18     What a Muslim told me about Those Who Kill in Allah’s Name

1.19     To register or not register Muslims

1.20     Are You Keeping Scores?  It’s a Tie “Ballgame.”

1.23     How 9/11 Changed My Outlook on Islam

1.24     Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?

1.25     Are All Religions, Including Islam, Good?

1.26     Getting to Know Muslims While Praying with Them in the Same Room

1.27     Our Brothers Easily Forgotten in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

1.30     Hooray to Social Justice but Whose Social Justice?

1.31     The Gospel of Justice and Social Justice: Cousins, not Identical Twins

2.1       It’s Not About Being Pro-Life or Pro-Choice but Being Consistent

2.2       An Inconvenient Truth about Abortion (1)              By Pastor Mark Chun

2.3       An Inconvenient Truth about Abortion (2)              By Pastor Mark Chun