Welcome to GCC, a family church on the Main Line.

Young Adults & Married

"For where two or three are gathered in My name, there am I among them.”

Matthew 18:20

Welcome to GCC family groups! We extend an open invitation to anyone and everyone seeking a warm and supportive community to join us on this journey of faith. Family groups provide a connection time and focused community where individuals and couples and come together and form authentic bonds of shared beliefs to create a genuine sense of family. Here, you'll find a welcoming space to share, engage, and grow spiritually.
Join us in building lasting relationships, participating in meaningful discussions, and experiencing the joy of belonging to a community that cares for one another and pursues Jesus together. Whether you're new to the church or a longtime member, we eagerly welcome you to our extended family through GCC Family Groups, where love, support, and shared values await. Come, be a part of something special, and let's walk this path of faith together.
We consider our family groups to be the heart of our church and a great way to get connected and stay connected. Adult family groups meet every other Friday evening. Fill out the form below to get connected!